Redkik is a global software company with the mission to simplify and improve the insurance industry for all parties within logistics and transportation.

We are a Finnish-American company providing a global software service for the cargo insurance market. Our team has over 25 years of experience in freight forwarding, cold chain logistics, AI and insuring sensitive goods.

Cargo insurance is one of the oldest insurances, established in its basic form over 250 years ago. It has experienced very few disruptions to date, but now we think it’s time for change, in a vast and positive way.

What is Redkik?

Redkik is risk analysis software that enables on the spot cargo insurance quotes based on actual data sets. These quotes are for per-shipment coverage, allowing more flexibility to only insure what you need transactionally. Freeing up cash flow for better use where it is needed in these uncertain times.

What does Redkik do?

Redkik allows consignors to have individual shipments insured without buying annual policies.

It enables insurance underwriters to provide transactional insurance policies, expanding their market reach with minimal effort.

It helps freight forwarders protect, secure and minimize risk for their customers by offering customized real time insurance policies.