Trust & Safety

Redkik Ltd or Redkik LCC is not an insurance company, underwriter or broker. Redkik is a technology and data integration company that works with insurers and brokers. Redkik Ltd. and Redkik LLC operate via insurer and broker partner agreements and licenses per the regulatory requirements of various Countries, States, and Regional Areas.  Disputes are handled under Delaware law for US business and under Finnish law in the Administrative Court of Eastern Finland for Europe.

Redkik offers software integration of third-party insurer and broker cargo insurances into transportation management systems. Unlike motor truck cargo or carrier’s liability insurance, cargo insurance provides coverage for direct physical loss or damage to the cargo. Coverage will only clear if it falls within the parameters of the policy provided by your insurance provider to your organization.

How much does Redkik Insurance cost?

Premiums will be dependent upon the policy quoted by your insurance provider. Typically, a cargo policy is calculated based on the shipment information provided and per the rates, terms and conditions of coverage agreed to with your insurance provider. The price will be displayed automatically. Or, if the shipment cannot be insured, you and your insurance provider will be immediately notified for review and approval.

What’s NOT covered?

Insurance coverage can be provided for most commodities, however certain commodities will fall outside of the policy’s rates, terms and conditions and will be excluded from service – please see your full policy wording for details.

How do I file a claim?

Please refer to the “Report a Claim” instructions and follow the required steps to report a claim. Claims must be filed in a timely manner and typically within 30 days of cargo delivery. All claims will be evaluated based on the claim report and per the terms and conditions of coverage and applicable deductibles noted on the policy.  Please refer to the actual policy for full details regarding coverage.